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This owner wanted a cool and eclectic feel for her condo. In addition, she wanted to highlight her records and books for her guests that occasionally rented the unit for music festivals.

Downtown Condo 1
Downtown Condo 2
Downtown_Condo 3
Downtown_Condo 4
Downtown_Condo 5
Downtown_Condo 6
Downtown_Condo 7
Downtown_Condo 8


This project in Santa Fe consisted of using some of the clients own furnishings and artwork from their previous home, and shopping for new items in Santa Fe. They wanted their home to be cozy yet modern, while staying true to the New Mexico aesthetic.



This home was built in the 70's and hadn't had much updating since then. From the smallest details like changing out hinges and door knobs, all the way to completely redoing the master bathroom, replacing all the windows and adding a screened in porch, nothing in this house stayed the same. The owners were on a budget, so we worked with them in phases to make this house shine!

Clubway windows before and after
Clubway back patio before & after
Clubway guest bath before & after
Clubway kitchen before & after
Clubway living room 1 before & after
Clubway master bedroom before and after
Clubway master bedroom before and after


This house had been a rent house for years. Once it was time to sell, it needed some TLC to get it ready. Painting the outdated brick, scraping ceilings, replacing ceiling fans and updating lighting fixtures were all in order. Staging was the final touch.

Oak Creek 1
Oak Creek Staging
Oak Creek Staging
Oak Creek Staging
Oak Creek Staging