If you’ve been out to eat at a lovely restaurant in Austin and you think to yourself, the interior design in this place is amazing, chances are, it was designed by Joel Mozersky. Mattie’s at Green Pastures is a perfect example. This gorgeous restaurant is the new reincarnation of Green Pastures, in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood. Green Pastures was known for it’s beautiful grounds and the peacocks that roam around them, and they could have been the inspiration for the color palette at Matties.

The combination of old and new elements is seamless. Fireplaces in nearly every room, that appear original to the house, built in 1895, mix beautifully with fresh colors and furnishings. Pink dining room walls make teal blue banquets pop. Modern art hangs next to old timey landscapes and it makes perfect sense. The bar area is the prettiest mint green which sets of the caramel colored leather booths. Brass has never been as beautiful as it is in the simple and elegant chandeliers and wall sconces that adorn every room.

Ascend the ornate staircase and find yourself in a beautifully blue, jewel toned private dining room perfect for a sophisticated girls night out, or an intimate rehearsal dinner. There is a sitting area upstairs that is so lovely, I’d be happy to just stay there and drink champagne for the evening. One of my favorite touches was the glass topped side table resting on a brass peacock base.

References to the peacocks can be found throughout the restaurant, but even better is that you can still see them on the grounds. In fact, the last time I was there, one of them had just had babies. We watched them following their mama around the lawn. The outdoor area here is so gorgeous, you wouldn’t even mind waiting for a table on a busy Saturday evening. Have a drink and enjoy the history and ambiance. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night, or a Sunday morning. Because who doesn’t love a swanky brunch in a gorgeous setting?



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