Is Austin ever going to stop growing? I notice a new building every time I leave the house. The traffic may be getting worse, but all this building and expansion is a dream for a design geek like me who is always looking for cool new products, new design styles and innovative uses of existing materials.

A perfect example is the new downtown library. Just walking in there makes me feel like I stepped into an issue of Interior Design magazine.  One of the first things you notice is CAW by Christian Moeller, a 37-foot-tall kinetic sculpture with grackles all over it and a swinging pendulum, in the atrium.

The stairs are amazing, none of the staircases are stacked above each other. Instead they criss cross at different angles and positions throughout the large atrium, giving you the feeling that you’ve walked into Hogwarts. You wonder if they might rearrange themselves while you’re trying to get to the next level.

Every single level has plenty of room to study, read or lounge in cool chairs. There are the cool Bertoia-esque mid-century chairs out in front of the children’s area, which are both playful and stylish. The boxy plaid armchairs around the young adult section, lined up along the glass half wall that looks over the atrium. Perfect for people watching. If you need to focus, you have the restaurant style booths on the second floor and the perfect work study lounge on the 6th floor, which leads right out to the beautiful rooftop terrace.

The rooftop garden is lush, and comfy with beautiful views of downtown and Town Lake. The deck is partially shaded by a solar panel arbor and the trees and plants are indigenous to the area. This building has it all. Why would you work from home when the new Central Library is an invitation to work within a design masterpiece. I love it!

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