On a recent rainy evening (which has basically been every evening since August), I ventured over to the east side to hit up Suerte, one of Austin’s most talked about new restaurants. Not only is it a “Best New Restaurant” in Austin, but it’s getting national attention as well. My first impression, the front door, was a good one. I’m a sucker for stripes and the front door is stripey, colorful and obviously hand made. I’ve been seeing that door on Instagram for months now, so I was glad to finally get to check it out.

I love what they did with the inside as well. As the food is Mexican inspired, so is the design. It doesn’t hit you over the head though, the colors are soft and subtle with accents of Oaxaca here and there. A good example are the fabrics they so creatively used to make large scale artwork that not only liven up the walls, but also function as acoustical panels to soak up all those loud noises bouncing around off the brick walls and cement floors.

They have repurposed old wooden piloncillo (unrefined Mexican sugar) molds and turned them into lights above a long table, which is a really cool contrast with the striped pink and black fabric that lines the ceiling. I also really loved the sculpture that hangs from the ceiling that they created out of mescal bottles. You can’t exactly call it a chandelier because it doesn’t light up, but it has the same effect.

I look forward to going back when it isn’t raining to sit on the patio.  The landscaping is fantastic, and the patio furniture is nice and simple, just like the understated design on the inside. It’s the perfect place for people watching, palomas and those amazing peaches!

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